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How #Google Authorship Changes Might Affect Your Thought Leadership

When it comes to managing your social media presence, when and where your Google Authorship Bio Photo renders will be determined if and when the use is signed into their Google account.

Curated by Neil Ferree

7 Ways Your Brand Will Benefit from Content #Curation

Do you know that 27 million pieces of content are shared daily on the Internet? Quite impressive, isn’t it? And if we add the fact that the average attention span is a mere eight seconds, it is fai...

How to Increase Your Engagement on #Facebook

How to Increase Your Engagement on Facebook [INFOGRAPHIC] The National Law Review If you're using Facebook to “sell” your practice, you are probably disappointed in your results.
Curated by John van den Brink

Social Media ‘Rules of Thumb’

Every business, whatever the sector, and whether commercial or not-for-profit, needs to be noticed and needs to attract customers (or in the charity sector, donors). For the past few years social med…
Curated by The Fish Firm

#LinkedIn Acquires #Newsle

LinkedIn is buying Newsle, a web app for surfacing news about people in your network, the two companies announced Monday. Terms of the deal were not immediately disclosed.
Curated by Rami Kantari

Does SEO Boil Down to Site Crawlability and Content Quality?

and takes us beyond crawlability and content quality for a peek inside the art and science of the practice.
Curated by Pedro Da Silva

How To Maximize Your Marketing Campaign Through Storytelling

How To Maximize Your Marketing Campaign Through Storytelling Forbes Marketing is getting more difficult by the day; amidst the content marketing buzz, audiences are drowning in content as marketers and brands try to establish authority and...
Curated by Blue Deer

Social Media Engagement is Not a Strategy

Social meida marketers are keen to drive engagement but it may not necessarily be a viable strategy. In fact, it comes at a cost.
Curated by Guillaume Decugis

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