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12 Facts About the Human Brain To Make Your Marketing More Successful

Don't make them think, make them feel! That's why understanding how the brain works can make your marketing much more effective.

Curated by Jeff Domansky

5 Website Graders for SEO and Page Load Speed

Use these free sites to test and score your website for:

  • SEO
  • Speed
  • W3C

Some of the robots were denied by my Bluehost servers, Most were good to go. The Hubspot and QuickSprout reports are my favorites.

Curated by Neil Ferree

Why Content and Social Media Marketing are the New SEO

To Increase Your Online Visibility requires time , effort and knowing who your target audience is and what their needs are?

Curated by Neil Ferree

10 Marketing Automation Laws of Success

Can't disagree with any of these points, but I think we all could come up with a different 10, in a different order.

Curated by marketingIO

How to Effectively Market Your Brand's #B2B Message on #Twitter

What was once a way for the technorati to share their day-to-day activities with the rest of the world, 140 characters at a time, Twitter has emerged to take on a much more powerful role than many of us expected. In short, this social network has revolutionized the way people connect and share with each other. In addition, it has also been proven to be an excellent tool for B2B communication. However, leveraging Twitter for this purpose requires a different strategy than someone would typically use for engagement. There are clear rewards for businesses that make good-faith efforts to engage current and prospective customers through social media. Not only have we witnessed growing interest in Twitter as a platform for customer service and product support, more recently, conversations related to the role of social media in B2B marketing have also included Twitter. What drives most of the social media utilization is the fact that 56% of consumersbelieve that mobile makes the shopping experience more enjoyable....
Curated by Jeff Domansky

The #LinkedIn Publishing Platform and #SEO: Talking #Backlinks

See what characteristics of LinkedIn Publishing posts attract the most external backlinks in order to assess how they will do in terms of SEO value.
Curated by Steve Cassady

5 Ways to Improve the Online Shopping Experience

While online shopping may be convenient, it still has some lessons to learn from brick-and-mortar retail.
Curated by Kamal Bennani

10 #Content #Marketing Lessons From The World's Fastest Growing Websites

Buzzfeed, Upworthy and the humble blogs of this world are the new content kings. Many blogs have more readers and eyeball traffic than traditional and national magazines.
Curated by Guillaume Decugis

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