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Why Content and Social Media Marketing are the New SEO

To Increase Your Online Visibility requires time , effort and knowing who your target audience is and what their needs are?

Curated by Neil Ferree

10 Marketing Automation Laws of Success

Can't disagree with any of these points, but I think we all could come up with a different 10, in a different order.

Curated by iNeoMarketing

How to Effectively Market Your Brand's #B2B Message on #Twitter

Mobile is making huge marketing gains and Twitter is a valuable way to deliver your B2B message.

Curated by Jeff Domansky

The #LinkedIn Publishing Platform and #SEO: Talking #Backlinks

Great Tips in this post on #Linkedin Publishing based on examining 3000 posts.

1) Write for a High School Senior or College Audience

2) You need images in your post.  Interesting 8 images are associated with the greatest amount of backlinks.

3) Embed 2 Pieces of Multimedia into your post

4) No to How-to Posts or Question Posts

5)  Break your post into 5 different sections/headings

6) Optimal word count is between 1900 to 2000

7) Neutral language posts tend to see more comments. Positive posts got slightly more backlinks on average.

8)  80 to 89 character length titles receive the most backlinks (remember LInkedIn also appends "LinkedIn" in the title tag.

Read for detailed insights

Curated by Steve Cassady

5 Ways to Improve the Online Shopping Experience

While online shopping may be convenient, it still has some lessons to learn from brick-and-mortar retail.
Curated by Kamal Bennani

10 #Content #Marketing Lessons From The World's Fastest Growing Websites

Buzzfeed, Upworthy and the humble blogs of this world are the new content kings. Many blogs have more readers and eyeball traffic than traditional and national magazines.
Curated by Guillaume Decugis

How Curated Content Performance Beats Original Content

"Should I create original content or curate content from others? Many content marketers don’t EVEN consider this question. Why? They worry that curated content is NOT as effective as original content"
Curated by Marc Rougier

The Handy Guide to Attracting First 1000 #Blog Subscribers

1000 subscribers – it’s the magic numberThat’s where the fans start doing some heavier lifting and your reputation starts to build. You reach a critical mass and your work starts to get noticed without your having to work nearly as hard as when you start out.
Curated by Nekhia Christian

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